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* These numbers represent the data gathered by and are not representative of global Covid-19 cases.

Why this Website?

Because it may be our last chance to fight the Corona Virus.

  • Several individuals who have symptoms are not being tested due to shortage of testing kits. Thus the true extent of disease will never be known.
  • We are trying to capture the presumed community infection rates as best we can with this free crowdsourcing platform.
  • We hope to contain this pandemic with live information of community infection
  • Presumed community infection*50,000,000
    Confirmed Infection11,031,905
    Dead 523,777


    Self reporting, takes 10 seconds and no personal information

    Live Stats

    Live data reporting, to help governments take action


    Timely updates when cases reported around you


    Tracking the Corona virus without boundaries

    How you can contribute?

    If your a patient, family or a doctor you can contribute and make a difference.

    • 01 How it helps?

      By self-reporting symptoms during the pandemic we can track the disease which will help public health experts and governments to find hotspots in the community. These areas can then be targeted for treatment and effective containment of spread. This has been done in countries like Australia and New Zealand which monitor and track seasonal flu effectively.

    • We ask all affected persons or their families experiencing the above symptoms, to report on this online platform. A simple form will guide you through the process, and location captured based on your ZIP Code / Postal Code. We then plot this on the map which is updated real time. Once you recover, this can be conviently updated using the 3 digit PIN you recieve on submission.

    • No we dont collect any personal patient identifieable data. You are free to leave your email so that we can send you alerts on updating the course of your illness and to send you timely updates.


    Our Team

    We are a team of medical professionals who are trying to make a difference to public health. We have been supported by a team of programming experts who are working hard to keep the system live and healthy. We are looking for authentic ZIP Code data sets on COVID-19 positive cases across the world. You could write to us at

    Please view our demo at, India’s largest Covid-19 Hackathon.

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